H-B-H Speed Arithmetic

What does Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic means?

Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic composes nearly 20 kinds of ancient and 

modern mental arithmetic speed calculation methods, with its advantages outshine its weaknesses.

Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic integrates the principles of child education, psychology, physiology, 

memory, medicine and neurosciences. Numerous research activities and practical works are carried out based on the living environment, behavior, developmental recognition of child 

and other various factors. This constantly enriches and improves teaching methods, 

understand local and international educational concept, surveys objectively, carries 

out research in the basic of educational market, integrates new educational philosophy, 

develops the unique teaching model, teaching methods and teaching system of 

H-B-H Speed Arithmetic.

Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic has a successful brand planning in China, with research 

activities, teaching training model, effective teaching achievement, effective teaching team, numerous 

operational management experiences, possessing network resources 

throughout the country and possessing the group’s development strategy. Since registered and 

promoted in China, H-B-H Speed Arithmetic has been franchised rapidly in hundreds 

cities, forming a network of operation. It has the most networks and has become the largest scale, the 

foremost “Speed Arithmetic” children’s education brand among similar industries.

Speed Arithmetic from China, the unique 2.6.6 teaching methods popular in China mainland, and widely 

visited by many foreign educational groups, has finally come to Malaysia!

Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic is a rapid, highly efficient and simple method of calculation 

that utilizes both hands and both hemispheres of brain. It enables kids who aged between 

4-13 years old to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division rapidly in brain. 

It turns out to be 5-10 times faster compared to other speed arithmetic methods. 

At the same time, the hand-brain coordination can balance left and right brain 

development, while integrate the unique mental training, memory training and all rounded 

intelligence training of Yi Dao. This promotes the learning ability and develops good study 

habit. The teaching materials closely links the primary school teaching outlines, focuses on young 

convergence and utilize children’s education, psychology, physiology, children’s 

curiosity in learning characteristics of new things to blend in fun math with multiple 

intelligence. Besides, it further expands thinking and memory while promoting whole brain 

development. It is very suitable for children at age 4-13 years to explore their potential and 

to develop their personality.


Special features of Yi Dao H-B-H Speed Arithmetic include

· Using cartoon materials with bright colours, diverse types of questions, lively form,    thinking-, game-, fun- and story-based.

· Both hands calculate while both brain’s hemispheres operate. Easy to learn 

  without any tools. Closely linked to primary school teaching outlines with efficiency    5-10 times better compared to other speed arithmetic methods. 

   Accuracy reaches 98%.

· Emphasizes on kids’ learning ability and good habits, promotes kids’ personality 

   development. The highlighted features designed will be the static training, 

   CQ attention training, parents and family education class. It beautifully combines 

   teaching design and teaching appreciation.

· Unique model that integrates music, dance, stories, games and sports into one, 

   which is definitely entertaining.

· Act as the foundation of Olympiad Mathematics.