About Olympic Edu


             Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd is the founder of faith "Quality education is the future of the country," the conviction and enthusiasm for education set up. After about ten years of educational experience, that quality education is to train the country's future leaders indispensable. However, quality education is not an easy task. In which the quality of teaching, teaching content and teaching level are the extent of the factors that must be taken into account. In searching, the reference number of foreign high-quality education, and finally happy to bring our country's primary schools and preschool in line with the above mentioned quality education - intellectual Olympic Mathematics.(IOMaths)

             Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd based on the thrust is to enhance teaching methods to stimulate students interest in studying mathematics, the formation of the courage to achieve, innovative good quality, the development of personality characteristics of students.

             International Olympic competition is the most influential international academic competitions, which draw from the Olympic Games, derived from millions of students each year are longing and concern. In particular, the International Mathematical Olympiad (the IMO), International Physics Olympiad (the IPHO), the International Chemistry Olympiad (hereinafter referred to ICHO), the International Biology Olympiad (the IBO), the International Olympic Informatics (referred to as IOI) the most attractive and trigger students from all over the world took part. The reason why such activities are so concerned about the reason is that Olympiad Maths has a strong innovation, flexibility, as well as a comprehensive focus on students and inspire students to explore innovative consciousness, which is precisely what the core of quality education content, which is also the need for the future development of education.


                       Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd in view of this new course, with a view to train and inspire more students, and the majority of students bring to the future development of education need to be prepared.


           奥林匹克教育机构(Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd)是 由创办人秉着“优质教育是国家的未来”的信念和对教育的热忱而成立。经过约十年的教育经验,发觉优质教育是培养国家未来栋梁不可或缺的一环。然而,优质教 育却不是一件容易的事。其中从教学品质,教学内容和教学程度是必须考虑到的因素。在寻寻觅觅中,及参考许多国外的优质教育后,终於欣喜可以为我国小学带来 符合如上提到的优质教育 - 智力奥林匹克数学课程。




"The Quality of Education is Our Philosophy"