Left and Right Brain

Left Brain Development

Calculation Ability

Uses formulas (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to calculate correct answer.

Sorting Ability

Observes different sizes, lengths, widths, quantities and perimeters of each item.

Ability To Differentiate

Differentiates between right and wrong,same and different and appropriate or not.

Reasoning Ability

Enhance reasoning ability for the similar things through understanding of the things.

Classification Ability

Classify things or objects based on the common characteristics.

Comparison Ability

Compares between the things or objects.

Analytical Ability

Analyses the complex things or objects according to its characteristic.

Judgment Ability

Analyses and summarizes the process and makes own judgment.

Relation Ability

Analyses the interrelation between the interior and the exterior things.

Inference Ability

Requests for different inference results according to the different conditions and the changes of the situation.

Induction Ability

Summarizes the characteristics of things, the occurrence and the development of the situation.

Logical Ability

Maps, arranges and analyses the complex contents of the plot/chart in the stories or problems.

Foundation Ability

Enhance cognitive foundation ability of the world through the learning of the animals, the plants, the natural phenomenon and the various studies.

Concentration Ability

Listen to the content and the thinking on the problem-solving methods.

Rational Ability

Analyses and gives detail description of the problems in order.

Auditory Memory

Memorizes, records and wholly absorb the content.

Right Brain Development

Shape Cognition Ability

Identify circles, triangles, squares and other shapes accurately.

Configuration Cognition Ability

Understands the external shape or the appearance of the things.

Symmetrical Cognition Ability

Understands dot, line, surface and reflection of shapes, the final shapes after rotation 

based on the axis of symmetry or the over- lapping of the shapes.

Position Judgment Ability

Understands and differentiate the position relations related to up and down, front and back, and left and right.

Space Perception Ability

Observes shape, size, position,movement and space related to up/down, left/right, in/out, and front/back.

Patterns Analysis Ability

Analyses numeral, graph, inner link of he language and the patterns.

Interpretation Ability

Reproduces the damage things into a complete picture.

Object Cognition Via Observing Partial Of The Object

Exercises the combination of various parts into a complete object.

Thinking Conversion Ability

Replaces an object with symbolic marks or shapes.

Observation Ability

Observes performances and characteristics of all things

Ability To Differentiate

Discovers the differences from two or two and above things or the phenomenon.

Combination Ability

Combines few or many essential factors or parts into a complete story or object.

Coordination Ability

Exercises handcrafting and drawing as well as cultivates the producing ability.

Inference Ability

Requests for different inference results according to the different conditions and the changes of the situation.

Creative Performance/Solution Ability

Proposes of own creative opinions and creative solutions.

Comprehensive Ability

Uses many kinds of methods in problem solving and not limit to one method only.

Transposition Thinking Ability

Analyses other people point of view in problem solving, or stands in other people’s angle to consider the questions.

Concentration Ability

Listens and solves the problem via the graphics and uses problem-solving methods.


Creation in the unrestrained creativity space.

Visual Memory

Observes visual, the memory of the graphic or the object.